Saturday, March 10, 2012

A first for me!

I've been a proud aunt for almost 13 years (I can't believe my niece is so grown up!!).  My nieces are 12, 6.5, and 4 months old.  But on Monday I got something all new to me - I got my very first nephew!  I was the last of my siblings to get a nephew. It goes like this.  My sis had the first two kids, so my bros and I all got nieces. Then, I had my first son - my bros and sis got a nephew. THEN, my older bro and his wife had a daughter in October, so my sis got her first niece. I had another boy in December (another nephew for everyone else).  So everyone had nieces AND nephews but me.  That changed Monday!  And oh my goodness is he beautiful, I just have to show him off.

                                                        My youngest and my new nephew

Yes, we have doubled my mom's grandchildren count since October :) Can't you just hear her complaining about it?

I was super happy to spend part of the week in Cypress helping out with my nieces and my new sweet nephew, I can't wait to get back this week  to kiss those cheeks! And maybe do some fun aunt stuff with the nieces :)

Tomorrow I'm going to work on a post about baby related stuff. I have to talk about my new sling and I love blogging about saving money so it will be a fun entry!