Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rubber-made kids

I swear children are made of rubber. How else could they bounce back so fast from illness?

Really, my 3 year old has been sick for almost a week.  He woke up Monday with a scratchy throat and one red, swollen, goopey eye. He had a trip to the pediatrician for some antibiotics and decongestant and we put him back on Singulair. Singulair is a miracle drug for him and for me, but at $165 for a 30 day supply we don't buy it unless we have to.  Mommy is currently doing without it, as a matter of fact.

Fast forward to Friday and he's got a snotty nose and a yucky cough.  I was hoping it was everything drying up and going away. Then last night at dinner, "the change" came over him.  "THE CHANGE" meaning I watched as his eyes slowly took on that glazed over sick look, then the color gradually drained from his face.  He wound up laying down with his head in Daddy's lap, his dinner untouched.  It was then I realized pretty much everything I'd given him to eat that day had gone untouched.  Uh oh.

Sure enough, we get home and he winds up puking. He then promptly fell asleep.  We let him sleep in our room, both of us ears open for any more puking sounds. The baby also has been congested and was coughing a lot so I wound up sleeping with him in the bed with me, so it made for no sleep for this mommy.

At 5:30 this morning, the big one emptied his stomach. I put the baby down in his bassinet to help Daddy with clean up duties, so of course he woke up and wanted to nurse.  Got everything cleaned up, got everyone back down, and bam - more puke.  We gave up at 6:30 and the whole family got up.

At 7:15, he puked again. Caught his breath, looked at Daddy and said "I'm hungry, can I eat now?"  Of course your parental instincts scream "NOOOO! You're puking, no food to puke up!"  But there's something about this kiddo.  When he asks to eat, it generally means he's done puking.

It's now 10:15 and he's had applesauce, plenty of water, cheerios, and goldfish, and he is running around like a banshee. Daddy and I are slumped in our chairs, eyes glazed over from exhaustion, just watching the show.

Whatever God makes kids out of, I sure wish He'd share it with parents!