Monday, March 19, 2012

Mama needs some new clothes!

I HATE spending money on myself!

I know I'm not the only thrifty mama with this problem.  I love buying for the kids - toys, books, clothes, etc. I shop it around and I try to save as much as I can on those things, but it doesn't "hurt" when I spend the money.  Buying for myself is almost physically painful - it makes me nauseous even. Unfortunately, looking in the mirror every time I got ready to go somewhere was making me MORE nauseous.  New clothes have been long overdue.  

This week, Target just came out with a bunch of coupons for clothing.  So I printed like mad, grabbed my pharmacy rewards 5% off and my Target Red Debit card, and went shopping.

Here's what I purchased:
Merona denim crops
Mossimo denim crops
Two Merona cross-front t-shirts
Liz Lange Maternity/Nursing tank
 2, 2 packs of MAM 0-6 months pacifiers (because baby is a paci-snob and needed new paci's!)

Total before coupons and 5%'s off: $76.60
Total spent: $58.20

I still hate that I had to buy clothes, but I can't argue with what I paid!