Sunday, June 24, 2012

Long day of cleaning today. I finally restored my kitchen and living areas to their normal state of cleanliness. Hope I can keep it up. Tomorrow will be laundry catch-up.

T is trying to get a tooth, so close! Where has the time gone? He changes every day. He has filled out, jumped to the 5th percentile in weight. He isn't crawling, but he is mobile. I got a bunch of toys out today and started checking batteries. We will have lots of fun tomorrow. RJ is loving exploring the toys with him. I am also looking forward to setting up a word wall for RJ tomorrow. He knows 17 words now, plus he can read his classmates' names. So big! I asked him if he wanted his new teacher to call him by his name or RJ. He said his name. Aaaw. Of course, then I called him by his name a few minutes later and he didn't answer lol!

Other than that, we had dinner with friends and just chilled. What a nice Sunday :)