Monday, June 18, 2012

World's Sweetest Dad - Father's Day Project

I am always looking for something crafty for the kids to do around holidays.  It's always hard to decide what to do for my husband.  I want something that a guy will like, but want the kids to put their special touches on it.  This year I came up with something particularly brilliant (in my opinion).

That, friends, is an automatic candy dispenser from The Sharper Image.  Stick your hand under the sensor, it drops a handful of your favorite candy into your hand.  My hubs has a huge weakness for M&Ms, so I thought this was very clever.

I painted RJ's hand and did a stamp pad on T's foot.  I did these on sticker paper - you can buy it at the craft store, usually used to print your own stickers.  I cut them out and peeled off the backing and put them on the candy dispenser.

I added scrapbooking stickers and put the names on the hand and foot prints, and added a saying to the front.  Filled it up with M&M's and put batteries in it. Ta-da!

World's Sweetest Dad!  He says he's going to have to fill it up with peanuts or something because he'll burn through a bag of M&M's a day hahaha.  He'll have the popular office, that's for sure!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day!