Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Short and sweet

Last night was a mess. I did a rare thing and stayed up late reading a mystery novel. By the time I flipped the lights off, the baby was awake to nurse. I got to bed at midnight. T woke up again at 3:45 and that's when the "party" started. It's what our parents might call payback. My husband and I both were terrible sleepers. I didn't start sleeping more than 5 hours a night until I was in my 20's. The kids seemed to pull a page out of that book. I nursed T, and while I was dosing in the rocking chair I heard RJ start screaming right outside my door. He came in and said he had a bad dream about a very bad spider. Not unexpected - any nightmare he has always revolve around bugs. Hubby got up to try to handle that. I lay T down, and he promptly woke up.

This cycle continued until after 4:30, at which time I tried to nurse T again and RJ moved into our bed. I lay T down again and he started talking. Cute little coos and gurgles bounced off the darkened walls. RJ tossed and turned next to me. I finally gave up and moved T to his swing and sacked out on the couch. RJ didn't fall asleep until Matthew got in the shower.

After that banner example of a parent's night,I figured the least my children do for me would be sleep in until 8:00. So I was a little miffed when T gave me the "Feed me!" nonsense at 6:40, and downright despondent when RJ came padding out of my room at 6:50. Oh well. There's always nap time, right?

Yeah.... So there was no nap time for RJ. He refused. I pulled every Mommy trick I had out of my hat. Threats, yelling, pleading, sent him to his room for nap instead of the couch, and I even called Daddy. All to no avail.

So all of this rambling led me to this:
Er... Technical difficulties... Will have to add picture tomorrow. Until then, night!